12 Metallic Nail Ideas for Your Next Manicure | Makeup.com by L'Oréal (2024)

March 27, 2024

12 Metallic Nail Ideas for Your Next Manicure | Makeup.com by L'Oréal (1)

By: Jelani Addams Rosa | Makeup.com by L'Oréal

When you think of timeless nail trends, you probably think of the classics, like crimson nails or elegant French tips. But we’d like to propose adding metallic nails to the list. While metallics seem like a statement, nearly any hue can be made chrome, from nearly neutrals like bronze and rose gold to more experimental hues like silver, blue, and pink. And the shimmery finish looks stunning on a range of different nail shapes and lengths. So whether you’re partial to classic nail designs or love to try the latest nail art trends, there is a way to make metallic nails work for you. If you need proof, keep reading—we’ll give you the run-down on why we love metallic nails so much and arm you with the inspo you need for your next trip to the nail salon.

Why Are Metallic Nails Trending Right Now?

While metallic (chrome) nail polish has been around for decades, it’s become more popular in recent years thanks to the resurgence of Y2K style trends. But while metallic nails can have a nostalgic flair, there are plenty of ways to make the trend modern—it’s all about the color (or colors) and style you choose. Dip your toes into the trend with a sheer, shimmer-packed metallic nail color like baby pink, or embrace an intense, mirror-like finish with chrome dip powder (which can last up to a month without chipping).

If metallic nails sound like the right choice for your next manicure, we’ve got you covered. Below, find 12 metallic nail polish ideas to inspire your next trip to the nail salon.

Our Favorite Metallic Nail Color Trends To Try

1. Silver foil

Silver is probably the first hue that comes to mind when you think of metal nail colors. This shimmery shade perfectly blends classic and futuristic, creating an edgy look that’s still completely wearable. Try painting metallic silver nail polish onto one nail for a hint of flashy shine, or coat your nails in silver chrome nail polish to fully embrace the metal nail trend.

2. Glam gold

There’s a reason royals wear gold crowns and jewelry: the color practically screams luxury. Channel that regal energy with metallic gold nails using Essie Metallics Nail Polish in Good As Gold. The warm golden hue stuns on fair and deep skin tones alike and makes for an ultra-luxe manicure perfect for a special occasion. To ensure you get the most mileage out of your manicure, prep your cuticles with Essie On A Roll Apricot Nail & Cuticle Oil—the mess-free formula provides fast-absorbing hydration for healthier-looking nails and cuticles.

3. Romantic rose

If you love the luxurious feel of gold nail polish but want a color with a feminine touch, consider rose gold (i.e., metallic pink nails). This chic blend of pink and gold is understated enough for everyday wear but elegant enough for more formal settings, too.

4. Bronze tones

12 Metallic Nail Ideas for Your Next Manicure | Makeup.com by L'Oréal (2)

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about third place—bronze is here to steal the top spot (well, one of them, anyway). We love how this deeper, earthy metallic polish pairs with a fresh (faux) tan in the summer, but it’s equally suited to wear throughout the autumn.

5. Holographic hues

Holographic nails may be the answer to your indecision if you’re prone to changing your nail color every other week. Holographic manicures feature multi-dimensional colors that reflect a different hue with each flash of light (similar to multichrome makeup). Wear your holographic polish straight-up, or top it with a coat of glitter to lean into the ultra-playful “disco nails” trend.

DIY Design Ideas for Metallic Nails

6. Half-and-half nails

Draw attention to your longer nails by opting for a half-and-half design, where half of each nail is painted in a matte hue and the other half in a complementary metallic polish. From afar, it’ll look like a standard mani—but up close, you’ll be able to see the unexpected shimmer from the metallic side.

7. Metallic French tips

Elevate your classic French manicure with gilded gold tips (or your metallic shade of choice). The mirror-like finish of the chrome tips paired with the negative space of the rest of your nail makes for a striking contrast.

8. Metallic accents

If you’re not ready to abandon your go-to manicure but love the look of metallic nails, consider asking your stylist to paint abstract metallic nail designs onto a matte base. These graphic accents will put a flashy spin on a classic look.

9. Celestial patterns

You don’t need to be a nail art maven to sport a playful pattern on your nails. Start by painting metallic blue nail polish onto each nail, then letting the color dry completely. Then, apply a star-shaped sticker onto your nails and paint over it with a matte white polish, like Essie Nail Polish in Blanc. Before the white polish has the chance to set, use tweezers to gently remove the sticker. You’ll be left with sparkly star-shaped nail art—that didn’t take an hour to achieve.

10. Mixed metals

We’re of the belief that opposites attract, and that’s never been more evident than when we combine different metallic shades for a multi-faceted metal masterpiece we can’t get enough of. Try for a tonal effect with varying shades of gold and bronze, or opt for a more colorful pairing—rose gold and mint make for a stunning mash-up.

11. Metallic nail art

Make your nail art pop with a shiny metallic base. Adding intricate designs or embellishments on top of a metallic hue will take your manicure to the next level and garner compliments wherever you go. If you need some inspiration for your next design, you’ll find it in our article Upgrade Your DIY Mani Game With These Easy Nail Art Ideas.

12. Ombré metallics

Ombré nails look like a lot of work but are actually fairly easy to achieve. Start by painting your nails with a matte olive polish. Once it’s dry, use a makeup sponge to dab Essie Metallics Nail Polish For the Twill Of It from the tip of your nails down. Done properly, the two hues should blend seamlessly together for a stunning (and shimmery) gradient effect.

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12 Metallic Nail Ideas for Your Next Manicure   | Makeup.com by L'Oréal (2024)
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