8 Best Burgers in Connecticut (2024)

Did you know that Connecticut is the birthplace of the hamburger? Whether you are craving a crispy burger or a steamed burger, you can get it at some of the best burger joints in Connecticut. Below is a list of the best burgers in Connecticut.

8 Best Burgers in Connecticut (1)

Burgers, Shakes and Fries

Burgers, Shakes and Fries serve one of Connecticut’s most decadent burgers. What makes the burgers so good are the toast that they serve the burgers with. Burgers on perfectly toasted bread that is buttery, warm, yet crispy on the outside- brilliant. Pair your burger with a side of waffle fries and it’s the perfect meal.

The grilled cheese sandwiches at Burgers, Shakes and Fries are also top-notch. The nuggets are amazing.

Burgers Shakes and Fries Connecticut locations:

  • Burgers, Shakes and Fries Greenwich at 302 Delavan Ave, Greenwich, CT
  • Burgers, Shakes and Fries Darien at 800 Post Road, Darien, CT

Sycamore Drive-In

Sycamore Drive-In serves one of the best burgers in Connecticut. Diners love the nostalgic, classic drive-in experience. When you place your order, a carhop will deliver a window tray to your car. There is also the option of indoor dining.

The burger patties at Sycamore Drive-In are cooked perfectly on the grill- flattened until the edges are crispy. There are many burger toppings to choose from. If you want everything on it, get the Dagwood Burger (cheese, mustard, pickles, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo).

Don’t leave without ordering their homemade, old-fashioned root beer. They serve root beer ice cold in frosty mugs! Alternatively, order it as a root beer float (they have won a lot of awards for their root beer float).

Sycamore Drive-In at 282 Greenwood Avenue, Bethel, CT. Phone: 203-748-2716

Clamp’s Hamburger Stand

If you are looking for one of the best burgers in Connecticut, you need to try the burgers at Clamp’s Hamburger Stand. It’s a nondescript roadside food shack in New Milford that serves one of the best burgers in Connecticut. The hamburger and cheeseburgers, cooked to order, are a must-try. Get it with a side of fried onions.

Clamp’s Hamburger Stand at Route 202, New Milford, CT

Harry’s Place

Harry’s Place, a roadside food shack in Colchester, serves one of the best burgers in Connecticut. When you bite into a freshly grilled, juicy burger from Harry’s Place, you’ll be hooked.

Harry’s Place at 104 Broadway, Colchester, CT

K. LaMay’s

K. LaMay’s at 690 E. Main Street, Meriden, CT. Phone: 203-237-8326

If you haven’t tried steamed burgers before, now is the time to do so. An acquired taste, K. LaMay serves juicy, flavorful, steamed burgers. The cheeseburger is a steamed patty with Wisconsin cheddar slathered on top. Choose from a variety of free toppings, including lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and peppers.

Louis Lunch

For the best burger in Connecticut, you need to try it from the birthplace of the Hamburger Sandwich, Louis Lunch in New Haven. Louis Lunch is recognized by the Library of Congress as the Birthplace of the Hamburger Sandwich (yes, they have claims to have invented the hamburger!)

Bite into a juicy burger on toast with a slice of tomato (no burger buns and ketchup in 1895!) They still cook their burgers in the original cast-iron grills from 1898. There will be a line, be prepared to wait but it’s so worth it!

Louis Lunch at 261 Crown Street, New Haven, CT. Phone: 203-562-5507

Shady Glen

Shady Glen is an old-school neighborhood diner serving one of the best cheeseburgers in Connecticut. The cheeseburgers at Shady Glen are unique because of the cheese. Perfectly crisp, slices of cheese extend beyond the bun, forming what looks like a petal of cheese atop the burger patty.

For dessert, order ice cream. Shady Glen began as a dairy shop and is noted for its handcrafted ice cream and pastries.

Shady Glen at 840 E. Middle Tpke, Manchester, CT. Phone: 860-649-4245


Ted’s is famous for serving one of the best steamed burgers in Connecticut. Whether you like your burger with or without cheese, you can customize your burger with a variety of toppings ranging from the traditional lettuce, tomatoes to the more atypical pineapple and fried onion strings.

Ted’s at 1046 Broad Street, Meriden, CT. Phone: 203-237-6660

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8 Best Burgers in Connecticut (2024)
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