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Launch Minecraft on your PC for free

TLauncher is an interactive Minecraft Launcher that lets you play multiple versions of the game on your Windows PC. It allows you to customise the character skins and settings while accessing online servers with players around the world. Compared to similar programs like Gameloop, CurseForge, and Epic Games Launcher, this one is a more popular choice. While the development team hasn’t acquired a Mojang license, it supports all versions of the game for free.

It’s worth mentioning that the TLauncher download connects to Mojang’s online servers to access the latest versions of the game. Thus, you get various options to play Minecraft without any hassles. Whether you’re interested in a modified edition, or the original sandbox game, you can access everything via the launcher.

A hassle-free way to play Minecraft on your computer

TLauncher is a cracked Minecraft Launcher. The program comes with all the versions of the sandbox game from Mojang Studios. It’s worth mentioning that all the files in the utility application are sourced directly from the developer’s online servers. Thus, you receive a functional, clean, and safe program.


With this platform, you can also install a modified version of the game. While one is called Forge, the other is called Optifine. These are essential to optimise the in-game experience and boost FPS.

Does TLauncher support mods and skins?

If you’re an existing Minecraft user, you can choose to use the licensed account with TLauncher download. This program supports multiple servers, customisation options, and a comprehensive skin system. Thus, players can create their own skins, capes, and high-definition armour. Whatever you create in the game will be visible to all the users on a server, allowing you to be a part of a growing community.

Mod builds are available as part of the Windows launcher, which comes with a huge selection of resource packs, maps, and modifications. The system automatically recommends specific mods compatible with your hardware configuration. You can choose an infinite number of mods, and the program will take a few seconds to install the files on your PC. In case your system needs to access an API Library, you can utilise the advanced mods installation functionality.

Are the mods and skins customisable?

Whether you consider skins, characters, or mods, everything can be configured within the program. The mods are displayed in a list, and each one of them can be quickly disabled. Thus, you don’t need to delete any files from the game’s source folder. This functionality lets you choose certain features you’d want at any point in time. In this third-party Minecraft Launcher, you can look for a mod by typing in the game in the search bar.

Apart from creating customised skins, the Windows launcher lets you create custom mod builds. TLauncher’s dedicated mod pack system comes with a good number of maps, mods, resource packs, and other offerings. Each of them has a description and screenshot for better understanding. From the catalogue, you can seamlessly choose everything you need for an enhanced gaming experience. When you play Minecraft, the program also checks the mod's compatibility with your system.

What about customer support?

The development team is quite responsive and seeks feedback on a regular basis. Users can send across bugs and issues experienced in the launcher. You can type in the subject, describe an error, and send your message instantly. It’s also possible to add screenshots, so you’re able to explain the issue in a more efficient manner. In most cases, it doesn’t take long for the developers to reach out to you and fix any problems.

TLauncher download is the perfect alternative to the official Minecraft Launcher. The lightweight installation package doesn’t affect system resources and gives you access to all the mods available with your official account. Moreover, you can effortlessly customise your appearance, character, game mechanics, and other aspects of the game.

The perfect Windows launcher for Minecraft

While most people prefer the official Minecraft Launcher, casual gamers can play Minecraft with TLauncher, which has a lightweight installation package. With the program, you can easily create games and maps for users across the globe. In addition to this, the launcher lets you log in with an official Minecraft account.

With TLauncher, gamers can create their own versions of Minecraft maps, mods, battles, characters, skins, and almost everything else. The desktop application is free to use but hasn’t received a Mojang license yet. In case you come across recommendations for third-party apps during the installation process, you can simply skip them with a single click.



TLauncher 2.899 for Windows
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8.1
Available languages:
  • English,
  • Russian
Latest update:
Wednesday, March 27th 2024
TLauncher Inc.


Also available in other platforms

  • TLauncher for Mac

Download TLauncher 2.899 for Windows (4)

TLauncher for PC


TLauncher Inc.(Free)

User rating

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Download TLauncher 2.899 for Windows (2024)
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