Jiffy Lube Service Price List [Complete] • Road Sumo (2024)

Jiffy Lube is probably the one name that stands out in the market today. It first emerged as a specialist in oil change in Utah but then expanded to become a worldwide business, with far more services than just oil change. So, how much will their services cost you?

An oil change at Jiffy Lube typically costs between $29.99 and $75.99. They also offer the following services:

  • Preventive services like filter change ($154.99),
  • Gearbox fluid change ($44.99),
  • Manual transmission service ($49.99) to engine flush ($65.99), and
  • Radiator cap replacement ($12.99).

Jiffy Lube also offers safety and clearing services, such as cabin air filter replacement ($59.99), windshield glass repair ($49.99), and tire rotation services ($19.99).

Read more about Jiffy Lube’s services and a complete price list.

Jiffy Lube Price List

Jiffy Lube Service Price List [Complete] • Road Sumo (1)

Jiffy Lube offers many auto services besides oil changes. From your tires to your air conditioning, the service center professionals will inspect your vehicle and make recommendations for services that will help your vehicle run at its best. You are also going to get a good deal with competitive rates.

Overall, Jiffy Lube oil change prices are reasonable because all of their mechanics have been trained to know every model on every automobile.

Above all, they will not put anyone on the line without mechanical training. Moreover, they are also regarded as one of the most dependable oil-changing providers across the states.

They are extremely reliable, and you can rest assured that your vehicle will be waiting for you wherever you go.

You are also going to find many Jiffy Lube coupons on selected services. Jiffy Lube also provides reminder stickers to help drivers keep track of their oil change intervals.

Summary of Jiffy Lube Services and Price

Jiffy Lube Service NameCost
Jiffy Lube Signature Service Conventional Oil change$29.00
High-Mileage Oil Change $59.99
Synthetic Blend Oil Change$59.99
Synthetic Oil Change$74.00
Battery Maintenance Service $21.99
Battery Replacement Service $129.99
Brake Inspection and Replacement $179
A/C Evacuation and Recharge $134.99
Full Fuel System Cleaning$76.99
Serpentine Belt Service$79.99
Vehicle Headlight Cleaning Service$79.99
Light Bulb Inspection and Replacement$14.99
Windshield Repair Service$49.99
Cabin Air Filter Replacement$59.99
Engine Air Filter Replacement$15.99
Fuel Filter Replacement $69.99
Transmission Filter Replacement$154.99
Tire Rotation$19.99
Safety Inspection $14
Power Steering Flush Service $59.99
Engine Flush $65.99

Jiffy Lube Oil Change Prices

Jiffy Lube Is Equipped with the Technology and Experts

An oil change is necessary for car maintenance, and Jiffy Lube knows a thing or two about this.

They have all the necessary technology and skilled experts who can work on practically any vehicle, ensuring that your car’s engine is in good working order while guaranteeing that it performs well.

Jiffy Lube Oil Change Process

Jiffy Lube will be doing an oil change schedule tailored to your vehicle.

Now, this will not be a typical oil change.

For example, the Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change is a thorough preventative maintenance service that checks, changes, and inspects different components of your vehicle, whether it is conventional oil, high mileage, synthetic blend, or full synthetic oil.

They also vacuum the inside of your vehicle and clean the glass on the outside.

Oil Change Includes Complimentary Fluid Top-off Service

And, in between oil changes, they don’t forget about your car. They will give complimentary fluid top-off service on key fluids such as:

  • Engine oil (the same type of oil purchased originally),
  • Transmission,
  • Power steering,
  • Differential/transfer case, and
  • Washer fluids with every Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change.

What About the Coverage?

Simply come within 3,000 miles of your service mileage, and they will top off up to two quarts of fluid.

The cost of an oil change at Jiffy Lube ranges from $29.00 for conventional oil to $74.00 for full synthetic.

This is relatively low, and you can always ask about the different packages they have available. At the same time, if you ask one of their representatives for a Jiffy Lube oil change coupon, they will gladly give it to you so you can use their service whenever you like.

Rates Depend on Location

Moreover, different Jiffy Lube locations may charge different rates to their customers. Some stations, particularly those more ‘classical,’ will overcharge you.

This is because more experienced technicians are better equipped to give extra services to your engine and, therefore, can be trusted with costly materials. Your service on your car will also significantly determine the final pricing.

Jiffy Lube Oil Change Price List Based on the Type of Oil

1. Jiffy Lube Signature Service Conventional Oil – $29.00

Consumers still prefer this conventional motor oil because of its lower cost and familiarity. This oil is good for your car if it is not subjected to harsh driving conditions, such as:

  • Dusty roads,
  • Frequent short journeys,
  • Driving in high heat or cold, or
  • Hauling big loads.

2. High-Mileage Oil – $59.99

It is designed specifically for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles. This high mileage oil will undoubtedly reduce burn-off, leaks, and gradual compression to help your car engine operate better and longer.

3. Synthetic Blend Oil – $59.99

A combination of synthetic and conventional oils provides better protection and performance than conventional oil, particularly in extreme driving situations, but not as good as a full synthetic oil.

4. Synthetic Oil – $74.00

This one provides the optimum peace of mind with the greatest levels of protection and performance.

Jiffy Lube Tune Up Cost

Firestone Tune-Up Cost – How Much Is It?

Jiffy Lube Battery Service Price

Jiffy Lube has the services to keep your battery functioning smoothly, whether you need a battery tested, a new battery or the terminals cleaned.

Maintenance Service – $21.99

With a visit to Jiffy Lube, you can help keep your engine starting dependably. Terminal cleaning, cable replacement, and connection tightening, for example, are all included in their battery maintenance services.

During start-up, a car battery serves a variety of crucial roles, including energy storage and powering the starter, ignition, and other critical components. When your car is not running, it supplies electricity to vital electronic components.

Regular vehicle maintenance extends your battery life by ensuring that these components continue to click and shine even in extreme weather. A regular cleaning and maintenance service at Jiffy Lube will cost $21.99.

An average battery lasts three to five years, usually before you need to replace it.

Replacement Service – $129.99

Nobody wants to be stranded because their battery has died. If your battery fails, you can rely on Jiffy Lube to get the job done. Initially, they will test your battery first and then replace it and ultimately dispose of your old battery properly and safely.

When your battery no longer satisfies the manufacturer’s performance criteria, Jiffy Lube will replace it all, and it will only cost you around $129.99.

Jiffy Lube Brake Inspection and Replacement Price

Jiffy Lube Service Price List [Complete] • Road Sumo (2)

The best way to keep your vehicle’s brakes in good shape is to inspect them regularly. Jiffy Lube will do a free comprehensive brake system inspection on your vehicle at any Multicare site.

They can also offer solutions to problems and repair or replace any worn brake components according to OEM standards, restoring peak performance to your vehicle’s braking system.

Their service will also get your vehicle’s braking system back to factory specifications, whether you need pads, rotors, or drums.

It is a good idea to test your brakes if you’re hearing weird noises or experiencing unusual stops. Otherwise, according to most manufacturers’ recommendations, you should check brakes when you get tire rotations – around once or twice a year.

So, technicians at Jiffy Lube will replace brake system components in line with your manufacturer’s standards based on your initial brake inspection results. It usually costs around $179 for a full brake replacement package per axle at Jiffy Lube.

Jiffy Lube Engine Maintenance and Diagnostics Price

The Jiffy Lube team can help you maintain your engine’s best performance, reliability, and durability, from check engine lights and spark plugs to serpentine belts and radiator hoses.

A/C Evacuation and Recharge

It can be a hot and uncomfortable ride in a vehicle without air conditioning. A properly functioning air conditioner keeps you and everyone else in the vehicle cool and comfortable.

Generally speaking, the compressor, condenser, and evaporator are the three primary components of your car’s air conditioning system, which cools and eliminates moisture from the air within your vehicle.

The system must contain the right amount of refrigerant and be free of pollutants to function properly.


Jiffy Lube Technicians will inspect your air conditioning compressor drive belt, serpentine belt, and other accessible components for cracks, leaks, and damage. The team then tests the air conditioning compressor’s operation.

If they find no leaks or damage, they will evacuate the refrigerant from the system, vacuum test, and recharge the air conditioning system with the right refrigerant according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Jiffy Lube does not advocate servicing systems with leaks or damage that has been identified.

Although the Jiffy Lube A/C evacuation and recharge is intended for routine maintenance rather than A/C repair, rest assured that Jiffy Lube can advise you on the next steps to get your A/C system back up and running.


Moreover, an A/C system loses its charge and becomes polluted with time. If your car isn’t cooling, bring it to Jiffy Lube for an A/C evacuation and recharge, and it should cost you around $134.99.

Again, what are the Jiffy Lube services and their prices? The following are some of the Jiffy Lube services and their corresponding cost:

  • Oil change: $29.99 to $75.99
  • Preventive services like filter change ($154.99),
  • Gearbox fluid change ($44.99),
  • Cabin air filter replacement ($59.99),
  • Windshield glass repair ($49.99),
  • Tire rotation services ($19.99)
  • Manual transmission service ($49.99) to engine flush ($65.99), and
  • Radiator cap replacement ($12.99).

Jiffy Lube Fuel System Cleaning Price

1. Fuel System Cleaning Cost

Visit Jiffy Lube to clean your fuel system, injectors, and combustion chamber to eliminate deposits and residue.

The team at Jiffy Lube will be using multistep cleaners to do so.

Moreover, you control how much fuel and air the engine takes every time you hit the gas pedal. Deposits in essential fuel system sections can form over time, resulting in decreased performance and other drivability difficulties.

Cleaning the fuel system regularly can certainly help you maintain optimal engine performance.

Jiffy Lube usually charges you around $76.99 for a full fuel system cleaning.

2. Jiffy Lube Radiator Coolant Fluid Exchange Price

We all want to keep our car engines cool in the summer and heated in winter. Jiffy Lube will help you remove used engine coolant (also known as antifreeze).

Then, they replace it with a coolant that meets or exceeds your manufacturer’s criteria and will properly dispose of the used fluid based on your manufacturer’s advice and/or test findings.

A well-working engine cooling system circulates coolant through the engine and radiator, reducing heat, lubricating the water pump, and preventing corrosion. Your vehicle’s cooling system is even used to heat the passenger compartment.

When your vehicle’s cooling system fails, your engine’s temperature might rise to dangerous levels. Therefore, this can pose a risk of damage. So, keeping your engine’s cooling system in good condition will help it run better and last longer.

Radiator Antifreeze/Coolant Service$99.99
Radiator Cap Replacement$12.99

3. Serpentine Belt Service Price

What connects your vehicle’s power steering, engine cooling, and air conditioning? The serpentine belt, of course!

So, Jiffy Lube visually inspects the serpentine belt for fraying, splitting, glazing (when the working edge of the belt turns shiny due to age and wear), and other problems. Your Jiffy Lube specialists will remove the old serpentine belt and replace it if necessary.

Generally speaking, the serpentine belt is a single, continuous belt that operates the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and air conditioning compressor in your engine.

The thing is that all of these systems will certainly shut down if your serpentine belt breaks, for example. Even more so, your vehicle may potentially overheat as well.

Therefore, the serpentine belt should be inspected regularly and replaced if necessary, and it should only cost you around $79.99 or so at Jiffy Lube.

Jiffy Lube Auto Glass and Headlights Service Price

Jiffy Lube services will offer a clear and well-lit vision for your vehicle:

1. Vehicle Headlight Cleaning Service Price

Your vehicle’s headlights are, without a doubt, an important piece of safety equipment. They are the primary means of seeing the road in the dark and ensuring that others see you. But UV radiation from the sun, car exhaust, and road debris can all yellow your headlights over time.

So, if your headlights no longer appear or function as they once did, the Jiffy Lube headlight cleaning service will be a quick and easy solution to help restore headlamp appearance and performance.

So, Jiffy Lube will remove spots from plastic headlight lenses with solvents and cleaning tools.

The headlight restoration service at Jiffy Lube will only cost you around $79.99.

2. Light Bulb Inspection and Replacement Price

Is there a power outage? Checking all of your vehicle’s external lights on your own can be difficult. So, allow Jiffy Lube to examine and replace them and make your life easier.

Jiffy Lube will inspect and test external lights and, if necessary, replace any bulbs at your request.

Even more so, they may advise you on replacing bulbs in pairs because one burned-out bulb can cause nearby damage too.

The cost of light bulb replacement and assembly service at Jiffy Lube is no more than $14.99.

3. Windshield Repair Service Price

When you are behind the wheel, having a clear vision is essential. Is there a minor blemish? You better visit Jiffy Lube for windshield repair before this minor blemish becomes a crack.

The team at Jiffy Lube will repair your windshield by injecting a polymer into the afflicted area after a visual check, of course, for any small cracks.

This should usually be done as quickly as possible after a damaging incident, such as a stone chip, to avoid a crack spreading across the windshield and potentially requiring a more expensive replacement. The average windshield glass repair cost at Jiffy Lube is around $49.99.

Jiffy Lube Vehicle Filter Service Price

Jiffy Lube filter services help preserve optimal performance and vehicle longevity, whether filtering fluid or the air:

1. Cabin Air Filter Replacement Price

A cabin air filter in your vehicle’s climate system can help remove dust, pollen, mold spores, and other air particles. This will, of course, improve the air quality within the vehicle.

Your car’s cabin air filter should be tested regularly and replaced if necessary.

Jiffy Lube will remove and inspect the cabin air filter, replacing it with a new, clean filter if necessary. Relying upon your cabin air filter at Jiffy Lube will cost around $59.99.

2. Engine Air Filter Replacement Price

Allow your engine to take a deep breath. A visit to Jiffy Lube for an engine air filter replacement will surely help maximize the efficiency and longevity of your engine.

The engine air filter, usually made of paper, collects airborne impurities like dirt and dust before they may cause damage to the engine.

So, the engine air filter in your car should be tested regularly.

Jiffy Lube technicians will remove and then inspect the engine air filter. And, if necessary, they will replace it with a new, clean one. The replacement will cost around $15.99 at Jiffy Lube.

3. Fuel Filter Replacement Price

A fuel filter change at Jiffy Lube can help improve the performance and longevity of your fuel system.

To help ensure optimal fuel purity and engine performance, Jiffy Lube will first remove your old fuel filter and replace it with a new one, as recommended by your manufacturer.

This will prevent dirt and pollutants in your fuel system from reaching sensitive components such as fuel injectors, especially where they could affect your engine performance.

The fuel filter replacement at Jiffy Lube will cost you around $69.99.

4. Transmission Filter Replacement Price

The transmission filter cleans the automatic transmission fluid by removing dirt and pollutants. Filters should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to help maintain your transmission fluid clean and prevent premature wear and damage.

A transmission filter change at Jiffy Lube will help your automatic transmission function better and last longer.

Jiffy Lube will replace the old transmission filter with a new one and then replenish the transmission fluid with an option that meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications. On average, this should cost you around $154.99.

Jiffy Lube Tire Installation and Rotation Price

Jiffy Lube Service Price List [Complete] • Road Sumo (3)

Jiffy Lube tire services will surely get you back on the road quickly, whether you need your tires rotated, balanced, repaired, or replaced.

Tire Installation Price

Visit Jiffy Lube for a new tire installation service for a quick and easy experience.

Jiffy Lube technicians will professionally install and balance new tires that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications.

Before installing, though, they will evaluate your tires for wear and measure for tread depth before they can then replace them with new ones:

Tire SizeInstallation Price

Tire Rotation Price

Visit Jiffy Lube for a tire rotation to help preserve tire longevity and a smooth ride. Now, the longevity of your tires can vary depending on the following:

  • Where they are mounted on the car,
  • How you drive, and
  • How well your suspension is maintained.

So, rotating your tires regularly helps them wear more evenly.

So, Jiffy Lube will rotate your vehicle’s tires for better performance and lifespan.

Generally speaking, you should do tire rotations every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. The tire rotation service at Jiffy Lube costs no more than $19.99.

How Does a Discount Tire Tire Rotation Work?

Jiffy Lube Vehicle Inspection and Diagnostics Price

The team of technicians at Jiffy Lube can provide you with the inspections and testing you need to ensure your vehicle complies with local emissions and/or safety regulations.

Is it time to get your car serviced? If it is time for your vehicle’s state inspection, Jiffy Lube can help with quick and convenient service. Generally speaking, vehicle inspections in the United States are handled by each state separately.

For information on local and state inspection requirements and services, contact your nearest Jiffy Lube service center. Usually, the safety inspection at Jiffy Lube costs around $14.

Conclusion – Jiffy Lube Price List

So, if you think Jiffy Lube is just about oil changes, think again. The team of technicians at the service center will surely evaluate every component of your car, from the tires to the air conditioning, and all is done with competitive pricing.

Jiffy Lube typically charges between $29.99 and $75.99 for an oil change.

Additionally, they provide maintenance services, including filter changes ($154.99), gearbox fluid changes ($44.99), manual transmission repairs ($49.99), engine flushes ($65.99), and radiator cap replacements ($12.99).

They also provide safety and maintenance services like tire rotation ($19.99), windshield glass repair ($49.99), and cabin air filter replacement ($59.99).

Indeed, you will always find a solution at Jiffy Lube to whatever problem you are facing.

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