OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast (Windows) (2024)

Lance 2024-06-29 9 points

Guys, if you want to truly fix the game, use OutRun2006Tweaks, which started development less than a month ago and is even mentioned on PCGamingWiki.

Also the NoCD posted here will become totally useless as it comes with its own EXE, a DLL and a INI files.

And yes, dear BUSS and EIN EGG, that thing fixes the times not being saved, among other things. The times not being saved were caused by botched DRM and it also happened to the Steam version.

Buss 2024-06-25 2 points

My high scores and best lap times doesn´t work. My ghosts do save, but the times don’t appear in the rankings. Is there way to fix this or is it common problem.

JOE 2024-05-25 2 points

Works perfect on W11 with a controler xbox 360, thanks !

Trusteft 2024-03-16 2 points

For games which run too fast over 60fps, make sure you are not running the monitor at higher than 60Hz. It's an easy solution without downloading anything.
At least if it works for you as it works for me for games which have this problem.

NED HELP 2024-03-10 1 point

Hello neddy help, why my controller rumble are not working?? I tried to fix the setting of FXTconfig but not changed, no rumble effect

CoastDeck 2024-01-07 2 points

I neglected to mention to do this to fix the "no bloom" issue:


Also, I called Discover: "Dolphin", my bad.

CoastDeck 2024-01-06 1 point

Not my thread, but will share this for any Steam Deck user that wishes to play this with the FXT mod on.

1. Do NOT install the Pre-Modded version on this site, simply get the ripped game (not the ISO) then install the mod separately.

2. Follow the instructions from this link (You may need to use ProtonUp's version of Proton instead of Experimental though):


Archival Backup just in case reddit collapses:


3. Depending on your case, Proton Experimental might be good enough, but like me, you may need to install ProtonUp QT from Dolphin and just use their version of Proton to run the game successfully.

4. (Hopefully) enjoy!

DeathCold 2023-11-19 -1 point

Played this game few years ago fist time. It is cool until, AGAIN, difficulty spike happens and either timer runs out or cheating AI beats you in the race. And why do it all have to come to cheating AI and unfair timer, is beyond my understanding. Like, why can't we just play a video game and enjoy it while taking it easy??? Is it too much to ask?

Deckhart 2023-10-28 0 point

Some of you how to stop time?
I wish I could play without losing because of the clock.

Lil GrapeJuice 2023-09-25 -1 point

Game is blippin fr fr bud lowkey dopest stang lad ngl

tommas 2023-08-30 0 point

this game good idk if the car can drift

flint 2023-08-09 5 points

wondering if i can connect a xbox controller to pc and play it with it..... Is it possible?

brandyberry 2023-05-19 2 points

Do urself a favor and get the "Repack by MagiPack (OutRun FXT mod included)" on here

kangngao2009 2023-05-14 1 point

hey, i'm using Win 11, when i was using SpecialK32.dll, the game didn't load. So, I used SpecialK64.dll instead.

Ein Egg 2023-04-22 -8 points

Don't bother downloading, it doesn't save your progress, your ranking, your percentage through the game. Pointless and should be removed.

Necros 2023-04-07 -5 points

Do not support Outrun FXT. The dev is a bully.

LHK 2023-03-26 -1 point

I tried the game and it doesn't run, when i try to troubleshoot it apparently SpecialK32.dll caused it

Tom 2023-03-08 0 point

Super chouette de pouvoir y rejouer sur Win 10.
Bravo et merci le mod FXT

admin 2023-03-05 4 points

For everyone who wants to play the game on Windows 10/11 - don't forget to use SpecialK32.dll, because the game works too fast on modern systems. That dll-files slows down the game speed and allows you to play, the instructions are in game description.

Or you can download repack by Magipack, it's already configured for Windows 10 and has SpecialK32.dll, plus it has optional installation for OutRun 2 FXT mod

Pedro 2023-02-28 0 point

Well, I followed the step by step carefully. The game didn't even open here. I'm using Win10.

admin 2022-12-29 1 point

@RICHMON You need to use SpecialK32.dll or one of frame rate limiter utilities. Check our Notes (in description of the game), all details are there

Richmon 2022-12-18 0 point

This doesn't run well on windows 11. It's sped up. Any tip on how to solve this?

MateusAuri 2022-11-30 0 point

Anyone know how to change the engine sound volume? It sounds so darn quiet in the Windows version... the SFX volume is already at 100% and there's no separate slider for the engine in the options!

Hudsucker 2022-11-29 0 point

Thanks to the admin for the update of versions. Making this a good and easy experience for everyone, I think. Repack is recommended from my side. Using Win7

OK MILLENIAL 2022-11-22 1 point

The same year Sega released Yakuza 2. The Dreamcast was the last Sega console; But 5 years later Sega began their redemption arc.

This game is the perfect sequel for Out-Run in the early XXI (Out-Runners in the arcades was too a great sequel). This shows that Sega was already awesome again before they published Vanquish and Bayonetta.

admin 2022-11-16 3 points

We have updated the game, added ISO version of original DVD and repack by Magipack (includes OutRun 2 FXT mod)

Rv 2022-10-21 0 point

Kindly upload the driver for USB controller for ver 2.2

Narhijan 2022-09-26 1 point

Thank you very much, great work!
It's a masterpiece :)

SamboNZ 2022-07-23 0 point

Thanks PERRY RHODAN - didn't know that existed - awesome!

Big Cheez 2022-07-08 0 point

Good game, haven't played it but I like outrun

Runecrush376 2022-06-20 0 point

i just love it one of the best racing games.

IGUINHO Calanguinho"Pica-Pau 2022-03-27 -1 point

É Uma Corrida De Carro O Principal É Um Corsa Vermelho Ou Ferrari Para Os Ricos

Mable 2021-10-16 21 points

I cummed in my pants to play this game more.

OutRun is better than vagin*.

Jimbles 2021-09-26 -4 points

Is this the original physical release or ripped from the steam version? As the physical release contains more levels than the steam version.

nucclearffiestas 2021-06-13 3 points

FXT crashes repeatedly for me on Windows 7 x64. Followed the instructions in the readme precisely, played around with settings, still FTX hangs. Oddly, I am able to control the game except to steer (kind of important). Apparently others have had more success. I would be very grateful if anyone here can offer me a workaround to this problem.

Perry Rhodan 2021-06-10 8 points

Thanks for this!
Here's a windows remake of the original if anyone is interested.

Cal 2021-04-07 3 points

Lovely! Thanks for making this possible. I am a bit bemused when setting up my wheel though. It only seems to support one pedal - a combined accelerator/brake. If I try to configure more than one pedal, it unmaps the last one I pushed. Any ideas?

Daisy1968 2021-03-24 1 point

Very nice racer and it runs very smooth on my laptop 2,99 Ghz, 2GB RAM and 256MB Radeon Card !!!
PS: My other Game machine is an i3-9100F 16GB RAM and Geforce GTX 1660 but I just wanted to try it on a lesser system :)
ty MyAbandonware !

Radgames13 2021-01-06 0 point

Thank you so so much for this, it works like a dream, even has ultrawide support.
It plays so well.

AngryKurtz86 2020-12-02 2 points

@GAB Strongly recommend the FXT mod by Howard. It fixes wheel support (without it its really bad), and adds rumble to gamepads, among other features.

hello QEIOFYHWJ 2020-10-15 0 point

idk if it works it keeeps on saying ?????????l?????????

khaled 2020-09-23 2 points

someone plz help. the game is moving fast. Its fast-forwarding how do i fix this. The race is done in 5secs the time goes so fast idk why. i tried uninstalling and installing again and its still the same.

#oldgamesarebettermade 2020-09-23 1 point

Game is fine, and has no malware, been playing this game for a long time, I have not only scanned this file with several tools, but I have also monitored network connections and files activity over this time and nothing, it's clean. The small amount of detections are false positives, if your still paranoid you can run it on Linux with wine :)

admin 2020-07-13 1 point

This is a false positive, here is the VirusTotal result: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/bdafa88a5abdd2a9743f6bdcc5e2189288c0203790412fce10b9bb649933482f/detection

Man0 2020-07-03 1 point

Virus malware in virustotal

Gab 2020-05-30 0 point

I mean my logitech G27 gears can't be mapped. Please help!

Gab 2020-05-30 0 point

Hi everyone. The game works fine with my Logitech G27 Steering wheel. However, I can only play on the Automatic Transmission mode, as my gears can be mapped to my logitech 6 shifter gears. Please advise!!

Jojo 2020-05-11 3 points

This game is fantastic. Arcady and loads of fun.
Set your resolution and Anti Aliazing in outrun2006.ini and you're good to go.
Learning how to drift was a challange in the beginning but it becomes natural once you get a hang of it (tip: let go of the gas, push the brake - you can drift from one side to the other without letting go of the brake). Once you have finished a few courses, go to the showroom to trade your earned miles to get the "classic" arcade car and some music.
If this game would get a modern release (but no bloody micro transactions please) I would absolutely pay 15-20 EUR for it.

Sinneslöschen1981 2020-04-26 2 points

Great game! Not as legendary as the original Outrun from the 1980s but still fun to play, some fun, unique gamemodes I'd recommend are Heart Attack and Outrun (The original), for those having trouble with Windows 10, just put the thing into compatibility mode, mine does it automatically but for some it may not do this, there are plenty of guides on the net showing you how to do this.

Hope this helps,


Defalt 2020-04-13 1 point

Works on Windows 10 Perfectly! If it doesnt work for you,you can always put the ol reliable windows compatibility mode.

Tsar 2020-04-10 -1 point

Doesn't run plyg 'n play on Windows 10 seems like :(

ARewind 2020-03-22 13 points

Runs very well on Linux with wine and WIndows 7. The developers made a mistake with placing the bloom and sun effects in the wrong folder, so these effects will not be present by default, you can simply add these effects by putting the files in the correct folder:

Go to \Media folder.
Look for the lens_flare_offset.bin file and copy it.
Paste this file into the \Common folder.

Enjoy :)

fmc 2018-08-16 1 point

Sorry, but the game doens´t work on Windows 10... Need help...

Greetings and Salutations 2018-06-13 -1 point


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