Quick and Easy Recipes For Beginners (2024)

Not the next Gordon Ramsay? Have no fear. Rather than resort to takeout, why not save money and put your kitchen to use by whipping up an epic home-cooked meal? From quick dinners to potluck dishes to mouth-watering desserts, we’ve got you covered. Check out this mega list of easy-peasy recipes. You’re welcome, folks.

1. 10 ‘Dump Recipes’ For Slow Cookers That Make Cooking Stupid Easy

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Half Baked Harvest

The slow cooker is heralded for making dinner a breeze, but sometimes the recipes are not as easy as they seem. That’s where dump recipes come in to save the day. Dump recipes might have an unfortunate name, but their philosophy is what folks are looking for. When it comes to slow cooker recipes, they’re as easy as it gets. Basically, dump recipes only require you to chop your ingredients, add them to the slow cooker and wait for it to make your food. They are the real easy recipes we’ve all been looking for.

2. 9 Beautiful Desserts That Are Dangerously Easy To Make

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Some desserts are so easy to make, they’re downright dangerous. We found nine that are so easy you might find yourself whipping one up right before bed. Maybe even a second one right after, just because you can. Some people might even realize that these desserts are easier to make than a plate of bacon and eggs — because yes, some of them are — so they make one in place of a nutritious breakfast. It’s a slippery slope. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, people. Don’t believe us? Just see how easy these gorgeous desserts can be.

3. 10 Ways To Instantly Upgrade Your Toast

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Marian Bull

Most of us don’t think twice about toast. It’s just a slice of bread that we throw in the toaster and call breakfast. But you guys, toast can be so much better than that — and yes, we are being 100 percent serious. Toast can be more than a light breakfast, it can be filling, creative and exciting. It can even be called dinner. Toast is getting fancy, and we think you should get on board. Here are our 10 favorite ways to upgrade our toast.

4. Casserole Recipes That Are Worth Getting Excited About

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Damn Delicious

Casseroles have a bad reputation — and unjustly so. They’re often met with moans and groans, when really, most of the time, they’re actually delicious. The problem with casserole recipes is that no matter how tasty they are, they always look like, well, a casserole. Don’t let the casserole’s unflattering appearance turn you off. They are your best bet for a quick, easy and delicious weeknight meal. And they almost always guarantee leftovers — which means you won’t have to worry about lunch the next day. Double score.

5. Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes You Need In Your Life

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You can cook just about anything in a slow cooker. This all-purpose kitchen appliance can whip up something appropriate for any type of meal: think meaty stews and savory sides, fiber-packed oatmeals and breakfasts that are prepared overnight and even chocolatey baked goods and thick Greek yogurt. It’s a pretty magical appliance that deserves a permanent spot in every kitchen — especially come winter, when nothing pleases a belly more than a warm, simmering meal that sticks to your bones. Virtually any slow cooker recipe will fill your heart and stomach with happiness, but below are the slow cooker recipes that will give you peace of mind, too.

6. 20 Easy Comfort Food Recipes To Feed Your Soul

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How Sweet It Is


There is no season for comfort food — we need it all the time. It’s there for us on the hardest of days and to celebrate the happiest ones, too. But it’s definitely during the fall that our craving for a big plate of comfort strikes most frequently. Maybe it’s because we’re sad that summer’s over. Or maybe it’s because we need a little help getting through the back-to-school blues. Whatever the case may be, the need is real. To help you out with this increasing demand, we rounded up our 20 favorite comfort food recipes — all of them easy to make.

7. The Easiest Cast Iron Skillet Recipes On The Planet

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How Sweet It Is

Cast iron skillet recipes are irresistible and impressive. The good news is, they can be super easy to make, too. Anything from chicken to nachos and even dessert can be easily whipped up in a skillet — even for those who are new to cooking. With a cast iron skillet, amateur cooks can create great meals and impress their friends and family at the same time. It’s so simple — the reliability of the skillet and how nicely it distributes heat makes successful meals a breeze — and delicious, too.

8. The Keto Casserole Recipes You’ve Been Looking For

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Kalyns Kitchen

One of the easiest ways to eat low-carb while filling up on the fats you want is with casseroles. If you’re following the keto diet (short for ketogenic), which cuts back big-time on carbohydrates, casseroles are going to be your best friend. Not only are they filling, satisfying and easy to make low carb, but they’ll provide you with loads of leftovers for the days to come.

9. 21 Of Our Favorite Recipes Made With 3 Ingredients Or Fewer

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Marian Bull

Meals should not be brief. We like to linger at the table, sneaking cold potatoes with our fingers and refilling our wine glasses and talking and talking and talking. But recipes? Those can be brief—and maybe they should be, letting the ingredients or the technique speak the loudest. Thick, buttery salad dressing. Light biscuits easy enough to to make any morning of the week. Super creamy ice cream that’s no-churn to boot. For these 21 recipes, the magic is in their simplicity: They each have only 3 ingredients or fewer.

10. The Slow Cooker Recipes You’ve Been Waiting For

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Half Baked Harvest

The slow cooker is our best friend this time of year. As the days get shorter and we find ourselves low on energy, the slow cooker picks up the slack by cooking dinner for us. Not only can it effortlessly take a big hunk of meat and cook it into a tender meal, but it can do so when we’re not home. This is love. As slow cooker season gears up, we found the most exciting recipes in existence.

13. These 2-Ingredient Ice Cream Recipes Are So Simple. No Machine, No Churning Required.

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Roxanas Home Baking


The only downfall to ice cream is that it is ridiculously high in sugar, fat and everything else we’re supposed to be staying away from. But it’s also insanely delicious, super refreshing on a hot day, and pretty much the best dessert option around. That’s why it’s time to fully embrace the banana ice cream trend. Technically, banana ice cream is not ice cream at all — it’s just frozen bananas whipped up in a food processor. Bananas are just the beginning, too. When you start adding other ingredients to the simple base, the flavor possibilities are endless. Did we mention it’s the easiest dessert on the planet to make?

14. One Pot Pasta Recipes That Will Save Weeknight Recipes Everywhere

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Damn Delicious

Even though we all have to eat, making dinner at the end of a workday is the last thing we want to do. We have found a simple dinner option. Let us introduce you to our new favorite super-easy, one pot pasta recipes. No, “one pot” does NOT mean that you boil your pasta in a pot, drain it, and cook your sauce in the same pot. It means you literally throw all the ingredients in one pot — pasta, sauce and all — and cook it all at once.

15. Slow Cooker Chocolate Dessert Recipes, Because Life Is Beautiful

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Something Swanky

Chocolate — in just about any form, at any time of day — makes us swoon. Chocolate brownies, chocolate cookies, chocolate cakes, chocolate to drink, we want it. The only thing better than chocolate wrapped up into a decadent dessert is when that dessert is made in a slow cooker, because it’s just so easy. That’s what we have for you all right here. Not one, not two, but 10 chocolate desserts you can and should be making in the slow cooker. Why? Because you can.

16. The Best Vegetarian One-Pot Recipes

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Minimalist Baker

Nothing makes the chore of cooking dinner infinitely easier than one-pot recipes. One-pot recipes not only mean that there will be fewer dishes to wash at the end of the night, but they also generally indicate a simpler recipe. Simple does not mean less flavorful, though. Especially when it comes to these vegetarian one-pot dinner recipes.

17. No-Bake Dessert Recipes Because It’s Just Too Damn Hot

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Cookies and Cups

The last thing you want to do in the heat of summer is turn on your oven. Even if you think you can handle the heat — that baking your special pan of brownies is more than worth it — you’ll soon regret your foolish decision. No matter how much you love your sweets, no dessert is worth that kind of suffering. Put your baking books away and forget all about your oven. We’ve got you covered with no-bake cookies, cheesecakes, pies and more. Here are 36 no-bake desserts that are about to make your summer cool, comfortable and seriously delicious.

18. The Sheet Pan Dinners That Will Make Your Life Infinitely Easier

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Well Plated by Erin


One of the worst things about cooking dinner is all the cleanup. Not only do you have to wash the dishes, but usually there are a few pots and pans that also need scrubbing. The great thing about sheet pan dinners ― which are basically meals you make on a sheet pan and pop in the oven ―- is that there’s significantly less cleanup. There’s also less work that goes into the actual making of the meal. Bonus: you can expect it to be just as good as a meal that used up every dish in your cupboard.

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