Ring-Dinger (2024)

1. Ring Dinger-techniek - We Care Chiropractie

  • De Ring Dinger is een geavanceerde chiropractische benadering die zich richt op het herstellen van de natuurlijke uitlijning van de wervelkolom. Onze ervaren ...

  • Last van rug, nek of schouders? Of pijn die uitstraalt naar de armen? De chiropractor behandelt het effectief. O.a. hernia, scoliose en RSI.

2. The Ring Dinger Method | Prather Chiropractic

  • The Ring Dinger method is a form of manual spinal decompression not offered by many chiropractors. Book an appointment with Prather Chiropractic today!

3. Ring Dinger®: Non-Surgical Manual Spinal Decompression Houston, TX

4. Y-strap - Chiropractie XL

  • Y-Strap. Dr. Steven Excell (Doctor of Chiropractic) is de eerste specialist die de Y-Strap naar Nederland brengt(“The Dutch Ring Dinger”).

  • Dr. Steven D. Excell (Doctor of Chiropractor) is the first expert to bring this Y-strap to the Netherlands. The Y-strap is a total body adjustment of the spine.

5. The Ring Dinger® Technique - Sports Medicine Northwest

  • A: No. This technique is considered "spinal decompression therapy" in the state of Washington. Cash rates apply: Normal prices are $750 for a complete Ring ...

  • The Ring Dinger Technique is now available in Seattle Washington at Sports Medicine Northwest with Dr. Skylar Pond, DC, CCSP

6. Ring Dinger in Addison - Advanced Chiropractic of Dallas

  • Your Dallas Chiropractor Dr. Ali Elahi is certified in administering the highly specialized technique. Click here to learn more!

7. The Ring Dinger® in Wellington FL - Call Today

  • 11 dec 2023 · Dr. Travis Lamperski, The Only Certified Ring Dinger® Chiropractor In The State Of Florida. Play Video. It's official, The Ring Dinger® is in ...

  • The Ring Dinger® is recognized worldwide for the unique and effective way to decompress the spine. Contact us to learn more today!

8. Ring Dinger® Oak Creek, Racine WI

  • Non-surgical Manual Spinal Decompression. Oak Creek Relief & Wellness is excited to announce that we now offer Dr. Gregory Johnson's Ring Dinger®. Often ...

  • Providing The Ring Dinger® non-surgical manual spinal decompression. Relieves many painful conditions. Call today to book an appointment!

9. The Ring Dinger In Oakbrook Terrace, IL

  • Our office has found success by using the Ring Dinger®️ technique of spinal decompression. This technique was developed by Johnson Biophysics and uses a ...

  • Want to learn more about our The Ring Dinger service? Call The Chiropractic Connection In Oakbrook Terrace, IL today at (630) 590-9829 to schedule your appointment

Ring-Dinger (2024)
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