Top 10 Best Belgian Recipes (2024)

We know two major things when we mention food and Belgium in the same sentence. They love their fries unfortunately enough named after the french for the Belgians and their chocolate obsession.

We forget however that, as in with every culture, food has deep roots in history dating as far back as medieval times. Since the country is sandwiched between France and Holland with a lot of German influence, it is no wonder that a lot of their specialties came into play.

Belgium is not only the land of waffles, beer, chocolate, and some of the best music festivals in the world but also Belgian cuisine traditionally prizes regional and seasonal ingredients. Ingredients typical in Belgian dishes includepotatoes,leeks,shrimp,white asparagus,Belgian endives,andlocal beer, in addition to common European staples including meat, cheese, and butter.

Here are some of the most memorable top 10 dishes.

1. Belgian Waffles

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There is no better way to kick this off but with, an all-time favorite. This Homemade Belgian Waffle Recipe is easy and makes delicious, authentic, Belgian waffles! These waffles are perfectly crisp and golden on the outside while being light and fluffy on the inside! Enjoy with freshly cut berries and a good dollop of cream. Perfect for breakfast over and over again.

2. Belgian Beer Steamed Mussels

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Beer and mussels what could be any better? But did you know that over 30 million tons of moulet frites (or fries and mussels) are consumed in Belgium? That’s 3kg per person. They are still reasonably cheap compared to other types of seafood such as clams and oysters and are perfect to entertain guests and perfect to get stuck in with fingers. Serve with a green leafy salad or once again good old french fries.

3. Boulets a la Liegeoise

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In the French-speaking part of Brussels, boulets à la Liégeoise is a very popular dish. Here, the meatballs are served with a rich mixture of beef stock, brown beer, spices, and sirop de Liège, a fruit syrup made from apples and pears, which gives them a distinct sweet taste. This dish will usually be served with either french fries or a potato mash. A very hearty, family-oriented, and satisfying dish perfect for the cooler months.

4. Classic Sole Meuniere

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A Belgian classic that under no circ*mstances is french although a firm favorite of the french! The latter part of its name translates as ‘miller’s wife’ which refers to the way you dip it in seasoned flour before pan-frying it in a small amount of butter. Traditionally, you add lemon juice and chopped parsley to make a rich brown butter sauce. Best served with baby boiled or steamed potatoes. Use either lemon or Dover sole fish.

5. Chicon au Gratin

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A Flemish specialty, endive (which the Belgians call witloof, Chicon, or ‘white gold’), has a distinctive tangy flavor and is a key ingredient in appetizers and starters, as well as soups, salads, and main courses. The dish combines leafy vegetables with regional cheese and prime boiled ham, and you traditionally serve it with mashed potato. One of the most popular comfort dishes within Belgian.

6. Waretzooi Soup

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Waterzooi is a traditional Belgian seafood stew with a creamy consistency. It incorporates julienne-sliced vegetables, an egg, and a cream-based soup. Although it can be found in other Belgian regions and cities, Ghent has specialized in the preparation of the dish, and numerous restaurants across the city offer waterzooi as their signature dish. Interestingly, you can replace the fish with chicken instead. Serve with a piece of warm crusty bread to sauce it all up.

7. Tomaat Garnaal

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Tomate crevette is a typical Belgian starter but also the main dish. Basically, it is a raw, hollowed tomato filled with a mix of shrimps and mayonnaise. It is commonly served with a salad and accompanied either by bread or fries. This dish is eaten cold, which makes it a perfect summer meal. If you cannot get brown shrimps, any other small size shrimps will do.

8. White Asparagus

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Within the months of May going into June, Belgium tends to go crazy. And it’s all about this little vegetable: the white asparagus. Softer and sweeter than its green brother, the white asparagus is considered a luxurious delicacy in Belgian cuisine. Since it’s not that easy to grow, they’re rather expensive but believe me, it’s worth it! This dish is usually served with cut-up hard-boiled eggs and a warm butter sauce or even a homemade mayonnaise. An excellent way to start a meal with or for a light lunch.

9. Rabbit Braised In a Belgium Ale

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Hearty rabbit stew with rich, complex flavors and fall-off-the-bone tender meat. If eating a rabbit isn’t your thing, then the meat can easily be replaced with chicken or beef. The results will be the same. In this recipe, rabbit is used as per the old cook book. This dish looks great brought directly to the table where everyone digs in family style. Serve this dish with Belgian fries, mashed potatoes, or steamed seasonal vegetables.

10. Belgium Chocolate Truffles

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Fear not, we left the best to the end! Chocolate truffles are easy to make at home, and something the children can get involved in. Traditionally, Belgian chocolate truffles are made with dark or milk chocolate, with the addition of a nut praline paste. They are home to the most extravagant creations that are, as a matter of fact, really rather simple to the concoction.

Top 10 Best Belgian Recipes (2024)


What is Belgium's most famous dish? ›

Moules frites

Moules frites is Belgium's national dish. Traditionally cooked by steaming mussels in a rich sauce made from butter, garlic, shallots, white wine and parsley (and sometimes a splash of cream), a piping hot bowl of moules always goes down a treat.

What are 5 foods I must eat if I am visiting Belgium? ›

What is the traditional food of Belgium? Some of the foods that are made with centuries-old recipes in Belgian are Mussles, meatballs, Flemish stew, Grey Shrimp Croquettes, Eel in the green, waffles, and rabbit with prunes. What are Speculaas? Speculaas have usually been tagged as the national cookies of Belgian.

What is the national dish of Belgium? ›

Moules-frites/Mosselen met friet: mussels cooked or steamed with onions and celery served with Belgian fries. The recipe has often been referred to as the country's national dish but is also popular in the neighboring Nord region of France.

What are 3 Belgium foods? ›

Top 10 Belgian foods – with recipes
  • Carbonade flamande or stoofvlees. Make your own carbonade flamande.
  • Sole meunière. Make your own sole meunière.
  • Chicons au gratin. Make your own chicons au gratin.
  • Filet Americain. Make your own filet Americain.
  • Moules frites. ...
  • Stoemp. ...
  • Paling in 't groen. ...
  • Gentse waterzooi.

What is Belgium's favorite food? ›

What to eat in Belgium
  • Belgian chocolate. Did you even go to Belgium if you didn't consume copious amounts of chocolate? ...
  • Frites. ...
  • Moules frites. ...
  • Waffles. ...
  • Cuberdon. ...
  • Speculoos. ...
  • Pom koek. ...
  • Stoemp.

What is the most Belgian thing? ›

Belgium is famous for beer, chocolate, waffles and French fries. The national dishes are "steak and fries", and "mussels with fries".

What are 4 foods on a typical Belgian restaurant menu? ›

Traditional Belgian Food
  • Eel in green sauce. This dish is indeed a Belgian invention - the eels are cooked in fish stock or water with local herbs added such as sorrel, chervil, parsley, mint, and watercress. ...
  • Beef Stew. ...
  • Belgian fish soup. ...
  • Potted Meat. ...
  • Stoemp. ...
  • Mussels and Fries. ...
  • Grey shrimps. ...
  • Waffles.
Dec 19, 2022

What do Belgians eat for breakfast? ›

Breakfast in Belgium – Le déjeuner or ontbijt

Most people tend to eat some form of delicious cake or pastry for breakfast. For example, this might be a croissant or pain au chocolate. They might also have some bread with cheese, jam, or honey.

What do they drink in Belgium? ›

What to drink in Belgium
  • Duvel. Duvel is one of Belgium's most popular pale ales produced by Duvel Moortgat Brewery. ...
  • Witbier. ...
  • Black Russian. ...
  • Kriek lambic. ...
  • Jenever. ...
  • Our Belgium tours.

What are some special dishes from Belgium? ›

Typical dishes from Belgium in a nutshell
  • Frietjes – Fries.
  • Mosselen-Friet – Cooked Mussels & Fries.
  • Steak Tartare.
  • Grey Shrimp.
  • Belgian Chocolate.
  • Belgian Waffles.
Aug 21, 2023

What is the signature dish of Brussels? ›

Moules. As Belgium's national dish, each pan of steaming mussels is served with a helping of the obligatory chunky frites. Traditionally sent out mariniere-style, with cream, parsley and a splash of white wine, there's also a hearty version with beer marinade worth seeking out.

What city in Belgium has the best food? ›

Brussels, Belgium

Along with other traditional dishes in Belgium, such as carbonade flamande (a beef stew) and waterzooi (a creamy stew with fish or chicken), it's a staple on many restaurant menus.

What do Belgians eat for lunch? ›

“Coffee is a passion” and frites are so popular at home and as snacks everywhere that coffee and fried potatoes may be labeled Belgian staples. Belgium's national dish is biftek, frites, salade – also the usual lunch for almost everyone.

What time do they eat dinner in Belgium? ›

We tend to have dinner in Belgium between 18.00 and 20.00 generally, these are also the busiest hours in restaurants at the evening. Most restaurant kitchens close here at 22.00.

What alcohol is Belgium known for? ›

Jenever. This juniper-flavored traditional liquor originates from Belgium and adjoining areas in the region. Many people confuse Jenever for gin but there are some key differences. Gin can be distilled from any raw material, while genever is always made from grains like rye, malted barley, and corn.

What is Belgian famous for? ›

What is Belgium famous for? Belgium is world-famous for its chocolate, waffles, beer, and its national football team, the Red Devils. Belgium is also home to NATO headquarters and to the EU Commission and European Parliament.

What is taste of Belgium known for? ›

Taste of Belgium is a Cincinnati original that specializes in great beers and Belgian food with an American twist. We are a scratch kitchen known for our authentic Liege Waffle and Chicken. We take great pride in our food and believe in having fun while we work.

Is chocolate from Belgium? ›

The raw materials used in chocolate production do not originate in Belgium; most cocoa is produced in Africa, Central America, and South America. Nonetheless, the country has an association with the product that dates to the early 17th century.

Is Belgium known for chocolate? ›

Belgium is famed for its chocolates, but where did it all start? It turns out, it's a tale of kings and innovative creations that turned Belgium into the 'Chocolate Capital of the World'.

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